Please add or edit your information for our 45th Reunion.  We are not doing a book this time.  Thanks!

Note:  The privacy settings on this website have been set by us to not allow for your street address and phone numbers to appear.  Only the city and state are visible. If you would like to share this information with someone, please send them a message.
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Richard James
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August 06, 1955 Omaha NE US Upholsterer/self employed n/a Widowed 4
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Claire Kirke (Hancox)
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December 28, 1954 NE US Married 2
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mary brown
December 20, 1954 council bluffs IA US retired Single
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Connie Williams (Vozelzang)
September 08, 1955 Council Bluffs IA US Bank Administration Officer/Travel Coordinator Availa Bank Married 6
Married to my husband Richard 27 years.  I have 2 daughters in the Omaha area and Richard has 4 children in AZ and FL.  Together we have 12 grandchildren.  Richard is a retired  deputy sheriff and high school campus supervisor, I plan to retire in 2020.  We sold our high maintenace home in 2017 and bought a  home in a retirement community to  have more time to enjoy  together,  spend with the grandkids and travel.    Love it!
Teresa (Terry) Petersen (Hoyle)
December 16, 1954 Council Bluffs IA US Retired CCU RN Divorced 3
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Carolyn Campbell (Robison)
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September 21, 1955 Council Bluffs IA USA insurance agent Married 2
Holy moly.  45 years.  Who woulda thunk it?     The committee is gearing up for a "let's get together for a shot and a beer" kinda gathering-as in low key, relaxed atmosphere and clothing!   Spread the word!  Let's see how many we can get together BEFORE the big 5-0!  
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Chris Nelson (Reedy)
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April 19, 1955 Lake Quivira KS United States Retired Human Resources Manager (IBM & EDS) Married 4

Looking forward to seeing you all for the 45th! 
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Doug Lambert
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October 29, 1954 CB IA US Arbitrations, Mediations, Labor Relations Married 3

Thanks to Chris for emailing the photso taken at the reunion.


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Michael Loftis
May 17 Navarre FL retired computer geek Married 2
Urged by my wife, I left a computer career (and all the stress) a few years ago to start a photography business.  The business did well for a few years until the economy took a dive.  So, after a few years back working with computers, I retired.  Now, I just make music and spend time with my wife. If you are passing through NW Florida, look me up.  I'll buy you a pint on the best beach of the Gulf coast. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Maren Johnson (Palmer)
February 01, 1955 Council Bluffs IA Retired Married 2

I am looking forward to the reunion.  Wow 35 years!!!

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