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Todd Backhuus
June 23, 1955 Martinez GA US Computer Engineer Married 1
In June of 1973, I found myself at boot camp training to be a soldier for the US Army. 24 years later I got out.
I am married with a grown son. After bouncing around from a few different jobs after leaving the Army, I began working for a Tech Support company in Augusta, GA. Hoping to get back to CB for the reunion
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Dalyce Stevens (Olds)
December 04, 1954 Meridian ID US Retired Respiratory Therapist Married 2
Hello everyone!  Recently I have become very nostalgic for the "old days" and started looking for former classmates to communicate with. 
I am living clear across the country, but I do plan to attend the 40th reunion.
Stay well, everyone and I'll see you soon!
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Terry Kimnach
May 05, 1955 Mesa AZ US Retired Single Again 2
Hello to all.  I can't believe where the time has gone. Looking forward to seeing you at the next reunion. Send Terry  a MessageSend Terry a Message
elaine kerns (neighbors)
February 07, 1954 council bluffs IA US nutrition manager w/cbcsd Married 3
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Linda Simmons (Bowers)
December 12, 1954 Gold Canyon AZ Project Manager Married 1
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Jackie O'Brien (Rindone)
May 20, 1955 Kansas City MO USA Daycare provider Married 3
It sure doesn't seem like we have been out of school for 35 years. I am just glad that I am healthy enough to enjoy life because you never know what life is going to be like tomorrow. Send Jackie a MessageSend Jackie a Message
Debra Chubick (Conyers)
August 20, 1956 Omaha NE USA Teacher Married 2
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Jim Mueller
May 30, 1955 Accounting Mgr/Royalties Mgr Married 2
Wow 35 years has really flown by. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends from our high school days. Send Jim a MessageSend Jim a Message
James Lidgett
Profile picture
September 05, 1955 Sweden Musician/Lutenist Married 1
I would love to attend and visit with so many of my great friends from school, but it's a long way from the west coast of Sweden, where we currently live. I am a Lutenist by profession, performing Renaissance and Baroque music with orchestras, chamber ensembles, and accompanying vocalists. I've also performed a good amount of Jazz through the decades. Send James a MessageSend James a Message
Michael Hartman
December 19, 1955 Tucson Arizona Retired Single 1
Hey class of 73...Dudes and Dudetts!! Far out man! A party!!  Well.... some day I might be able to make one of these reunions. Just can't get myself out of this desert. There are only two seasons here---Spring and Summer. And I love it. I'm retired from the railroad industry.       L8R all----MLH. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
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