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Donna Coffelt (Stuart) LaVista Nebraska Sarpy Sales Support Rep. Married 3
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David Sell
September 03, 1955 Chehalis WA US Sales Manager Married 1
I married my high school sweetheart in 1974.  Still married to my best friend and partner.  Served in the National Guard, then US Army from 1973-1978.  82nd Airborne Division.  We lived in NC for 4 years and (fortunately) did not have a combat assignment.
Moved back to the Omaha area and began my career at Cresline Plastic Pipe Company on 35th Street.  The business grew  over the years and we had an opportunity to start a new factory in Washington State.  We moved to Chehalis a little over 10 years ago.  35 years with the same company.
They call Washington the Evergreen State.  My Mother in Law said it was "so green it makes your eyes hurt."  I don't know about that.  It certainly has it's plusses, but boy do we miss fresh tomatoes from the back yard.  So stop posting your garden pictures!  Please!
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Margaret Maruska NE US Registered Nurse Single 1
40 years since we graduated high school! I still live in the Omaha-C.B. area and frequently run into classmates.  It is fun to take a few minutes and reminisce about  that shared experience so long ago!  See you there.
Jo Ann Neighbors (Heiman) Buckeye AZ retired Single 3
Hope to see you there. If not, take care and I will wish for you happiness, joy and laughter.
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Jeff Carpenter
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October 09, 1954 Melissa TX US Regional Sales manager XOS Married 2
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Edward Henningsen
December 13, 1954 Alexandria SD US V.P. - Security State Bank Divorced 2
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Rojene Kraetsch (Grigg)
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February 23, 1955 Council Bluffs IA Records Manager Married 1
Great job to the committee Looking forward to seeing everyone!!
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Tom Franklin
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February 01, 1955 North Little Rock AR US Retired Married 2
Rachel Smith (Kucker)
July 27, 1955 Lakeville MN USA retired Married 2
It is doubtful we will make it this year.  It's been a very busy year; with family reunions...friend's weddings....and we just built a new home!  Will miss you all.  
Debbie Nelsen (Welter)
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July 16, 1955 Yankton SD US Retired business teacher Married 2
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