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The President sought to explain away inconvenient facts about his legal peril and his promised border wall before GOP senators dragged him back to reality
President Donald Trump sought the open arms of Twitter and Fox News to creatively explain away inconvenient facts about his legal peril and his promised border wall before GOP senators dragged him back to reality with a rebuke from his own party for ignoring a cold-blooded murder OK'd by a foreign colleague.

Trump was at the illegal hush money meeting, source says
Donald Trump attended an August 2015 meeting that federal prosecutors believe was central to a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws to help Trump win the presidency, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Anderson Cooper: Trump is right. This is embarrassing.
CNN's Anderson Cooper debunks President Trump's interview with Fox News.

Opinion: Trump's dream world is turning into a hellscape
Michael Cohen. Paul Manafort. David Pecker. Michael Flynn. President Donald Trump's enablers are falling one by one, and his dream world is becoming a hellscape. Trump, a famous self-promoter who has bragged about his wealth, intelligence, physical prowess and winning ways, faces the prospect of humiliation on a scale that would be genuinely world class. And his story is becoming a modern parable about the dangers of hubris and limits of fakery.

Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation
President Donald Trump's 2017 inaugural committee is currently being investigated by federal prosecutors in New York for possible financial abuses related to the more than $100 million in donations raised for the event, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

SE Cupp mocks Fox interview as 'infomercial'
CNN's SE Cupp discusses President Donald Trump's interview with Fox, which she describes as an "infomercial."

Analysis: 29 surreal lines from Trump's Fox News interview
On Thursday, President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Fox News personality Harris Faulkner. It was, um, chummy -- with Faulkner asking Trump questions like "What do you love about being President?" and "You have such energy for this." (Yes, I know the latter isn't a question at all.)

Melania Trump's poll numbers plummet
• Opinion: Melania shows she's a Trump through and through • CNN Poll: Fewer support impeaching Trump • Analysis: Beto O'Rourke leapfrogs most of the 2020 Democratic field

Authorities search for sender of global email bomb threats
• Teen at a middle school shoots at cops before killing himself, police say • Bomb threats made at Columbine High School, site of 1999 shooting

Betsy DeVos will cancel $150 million in student debt after being sued for delays
The Department of Education said Thursday that it would wipe away student debt for 15,000 borrowers, implementing an Obama-era rule that Secretary Betsy DeVos has fought to block for more than a year.

Cuomo to Conway: If you lie, I'll call you out
CNN's Chris Cuomo and Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway discuss the extent to which Trump knew about hush-money payments made to two women who alleged affairs with Trump.

7-year old Guatemalan girl died in US Customs and Border Protection custody
A 7-year old Guatemalan girl has died in US Customs and Border Protection custody, a source with the agency told CNN late Thursday.

Nancy Wilson, award winning singer, dies
Nancy Wilson, a three-time Grammy winning artist who called herself a "song stylist," has died, her manager said.

Analysis: Who wants to be Donald Trump's chief of staff?
On Wednesday, when asked about his search for a chief of staff to replace John Kelly, President Donald Trump said this: "I have at least 10, 12 -- 12 people that want it badly. I'm making a decision. Great people," he said. "I could do it immediately. I'm in no rush. A lot of people want it."

US military sends $331 million bill to Saudis and UAE after refueling 'accounting error'
The US military is seeking a $331 million reimbursement from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates after discovering it failed to properly charge the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen for aerial refueling services due to an "accounting error," the Pentagon said Thursday.

Senate rebukes Trump, condemns Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi murder
Republican Sen. Bob Corker on Thursday introduced a resolution condemning Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, ratcheting up pressure on President Donald Trump who has aligned himself with the Saudi kingdom in the aftermath of the brutal killing.

Donald Trump Jr. pokes fun at dad's regift
Late-night host Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at Donald Trump Jr. for his claim that his dad, President Trump, tried to give a gift back to him.

North Carolina's election fraud scandal has both parties planning for another campaign
Republican and Democratic officials in North Carolina are beginning to maneuver for position in anticipation of a fierce and protracted second campaign in the state's scandal-ridden 9th Congressional District.

Strasbourg attacker killed by police
The perpetrator of Tuesday night's terror attack near the Strasbourg Christmas market was shot and killed by police, multiple French media reported on Thursday.

Kasich's message to Trump on possible 2020 challenge: 'Be careful what you wish for'
Ohio Gov. John Kasich suggested he may run against President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primary after Trump said he hoped Kasich would do so.

They went into an abandoned mine to steal copper, police say. Then they got trapped.

Pelosi's coat so popular it will be re-issued

The NFL playoff team no one wants to play

Exec: Kneeling may cost baseball player his career

Baseball legend offers to be chief of staff
The search for chief of staff turns up lots of laughs. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports that even critters are being proposed.

At 16, he's being compared to LeBron and Kobe

Starbucks is going to sell Nitro at all its US stores
Nitro is coming to a Starbucks near you.

See Virgin Galactic's historic spaceflight
Watch as Virgin Galactic's supersonic space plane soars into space for a milestone test flight.

'Cannibal case' men get life sentences
When a South African traditional healer wandered into a police station last year and told officers he was "tired of eating human flesh," the police struggled to believe his morbid claim.

A year-end checklist for your investments
What do I need to do before the end of the year, to be ready for tax-time and whatever next year may bring?

Laughter erupts after Trump official's proposal
The Arctic is experiencing a multi-year stretch of unparalleled warmth "that is unlike any period on record," according to the 2018 Arctic Report Card, a peer-reviewed report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency within the United States Department of Commerce.

Leopard kills meditating monk in India
A leopard has killed a Buddhist monk who was meditating in a protected forest reserve in India, according to local officials.

How the Titanic's wreckage was discovered
For years, the incredible discovery of the Titanic's wreckage at the bottom of the ocean in 1985 was thought to have been a purely scientific effort.

Titanic was found during secret mission
Robert Ballard, the man who led the expedition to find the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, says it was all a front for a secret Cold War Navy mission to find wrecked nuclear submarines.

Diving tours of Titanic wreck site delayed until 2019
In 1912, a trip on board the Titanic was the ultimate in luxury travel. More than a century later, it still is.

Objects from Titanic wreck set for multimillion-dollar auction
Thousands of items salvaged from the wreck of the RMS Titanic are set to go to auction next month to satisfy bankruptcy debts piled up by the company that owns them.

Thicke and Pharrell have to pay Marvin Gaye estate $5 million
A five-year legal battle over the copyright of the hit song "Blurred Lines" has ended with Marvin Gaye's family being awarded a final judgment of nearly $5 million against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams.

Marvin Gaye's ex-wife talks about 'Blurred Lines'
Jan Gaye, the former wife of Marvin Gaye, joins Don Lemon to talk about her reaction to a jury awarding her family $7.4M for copyright infringement

Miss USA apologizes to fellow contestants after barrage of criticism
Miss USA has apologized after comments she made about two fellow Miss Universe contestants' English-language abilities sparked backlash online.

The Japanese "demon of painting" who invented manga in 1874

Cooper mocks Trump's show-and-tell interview
CNN's Anderson Cooper takes a second look at President Trump's interview on Fox News where he used printed articles to try to prove his points.

The week in 23 photos
Take a look at 23 photos of the week from December 6 through December 13.

Fear a bear market? Here's where to invest
I want to put some money into alternative investments, but I'm not sure where to begin. What's the safest alternative for an average investor?

A tax-efficient way to grow your investments and give to charity
I've heard a lot about donor advised funds. Are they a good way to structure my charitable giving while getting tax benefits?

If you diversify your finds, it could backfire this year
Is there such a thing as being over diversified?

How To Pay Off Your House ASAP (It's So Simple)

Transfer your debt and pay no interest until 2020

50% off: Extend weekends w/ Hiltons of D.C. sale

Pelosi's meme-tastic coat so popular it will be re-issued
Nancy Pelosi, the likely next House speaker, caused a stir Tuesday when she engaged in a spirited Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump.

Trump seething after Cohen sentencing
President Trump's public silence belied his rising fury over longtime lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who the President still insists is not telling the truth, after he turned against him and was sentenced to three years in prison. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina pleads guilty to engaging in conspiracy against US
Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina admitted in federal court Thursday morning to engaging in a conspiracy against the United States.

Amazon Go is going small with tiny, cashier-free stores in buildings
Over the past year, Amazon has opened seven of its Amazon Go stores to the public, ditching checkout lines for AI that tracks what customers want to buy. Now, the retailer is taking its cashier-free shops in a new, smaller direction.

5G smartphones are coming in 2019. What does that mean?
5G is already here, but you can't do much to access those super-fast speeds unless you live in a specific place with a particular piece of technology. That's about to change.

This DNA technology is helping police solve cold cases
In the summer of 2017, hikers found skeletal remains on the side of a highway outside of Baltimore.

Apple is spending $1 billion on a new campus in Austin
Apple is putting more detail on its plan to create 20,000 jobs in the United States over the next five years.

Uber invests millions to build flying taxis in France
Uber wants to build flying taxis in France.

Twitter loved Gayle King flirting with Lenny Kravitz
It's probably safe to say Gayle King likes Lenny Kravitz.

Awkwafina celebrates SAG nom
Some celebrities are waking up to good news this morning.

'Reputation' coming to Netflix
It's December 13, and that means it's Taylor Swift's birthday.

Post Malone shoes sold out in minutes
People are serious about their Post Malone footwear.

Oprah's final days with her mother
Oprah Winfrey has broken her silence about the days leading up to the death of her mother, Vernita Lee.

The judgmental mom is little more than a stereotype
It's quite possible that, by the time I had my first child, I had read more articles about navigating relationships with other moms than ones about navigating my relationship with my baby. Parent media is full of stories about moms who "judge," "shame," "clap back" and are at "war" with other mothers.

'Sesame Street' Muppet is homeless
For the first time, a resident of "Sesame Street" is experiencing homelessness -- and the hope is that her story can help sweep the clouds away for the growing number of young children in the United States without homes to call their own.

Is going gluten-free good for everyone?
There was a time when gluten, a mixture of proteins found in wheat, rye and barley, was something of a foreign term. Not many people had heard of it, and the few who needed to avoid it found meals to be extremely challenging.

Tampons recalled after reports of pieces left in bodies
Kimberly-Clark is recalling regular absorbency U by Kotex Sleek tampons in the United States and Canada after reports of the tampons unraveling or coming apart upon removal.

The most eco-friendly airlines
We all know that flying isn't great for the environment, but some airlines are better than others at keeping their carbon footprint as minimal as possible.

The surprising secret history of "Silent Night"
"Silent Night" might be one of the sweetest Christmas carols there is, but following the trail of the man who wrote it exactly 200 years ago involves an unexpectedly macabre twist.

Taj Mahal increases ticket prices
India's most iconic attraction, the Taj Mahal, is about to become more difficult to visit.

10 great places to spend New Year's Eve
Some of the details may change, but year in and year out, these destinations around the world have a well-deserved reputation for traditionally throwing a great New Year's Eve shindig.