Please add or edit your information for our 45th Reunion.  We are not doing a book this time.  Thanks!

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Terry Kimnach
May 05, 1955 Mesa AZ US Retired Single 2
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chris christensen
August 02, 1955 Council Bluffs IA US self employed in construction Divorced 1
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Mark Stevens
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November 24, 1954 Dubuque IA US Semi-retired Single

In 1989 I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where I've owned and published a magazine.  In 2006 I sold the business.

Update:  Now, after 30 years in Scottsdale, God placed it on my heart to spend a few years with sisters, nieces and nephews in Dubuque, IA.  So as of May 2018, here I am, enjoying time back in the Midwest.  God has been so very good to me, I've been blessed.  Over the years I've been so very lucky to have been mentored in my Christian faith by great men ... so I have continued to carry that baton and pass it along to many young menIf who are doing the same.  So, if you ever wish to talk to someone about faith or are beginning to wonder about your eternal destiny, it would be my honor to listen and to share what the Bible says on how you can "KNOW" you have eternal life ... not guess, hope or wonder ... but Know.  I wish I would have known even some of this earlier in life, I believe my high school years would have been less about me, and more about others.  Cheers, Mark

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Nancy Fritz (Huseth)
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December 20, 1954 Sioux City IA US Medical Device Sales Married 2
Have lived in Souix City for the past 25 years, married with two wonderful sons. One grandson 3 and another baby girl on the way due Aug. 20, 2018. I've been in sales since graduating and currently am a Master Dealer for a medical alert company called The Electronic Caregiver. I am an independent rep and love the flexibilty! 

Our hobbies are golf and traveling. Retirement isn't in the picture yet, as I love meeting new people and still staying active!
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Mike Nice
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October 24, 1954 Council Bluffs IA US Heavy Equipment Mechanic Married 3
Still working, not ready for retirement yet. Playing a lot of golf, enjoying our 3 grandchildren and all of their sports. Still married to my high school sweetheart Barb Christensen Nice-45 years this August. She is the most amazing woman I know and keeps my you know what in line. (She wrote this you know).  Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Maureen Derby (Lambert)
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May 29, 1955 Granbury TX Retired Married 2
Looking forward to Friday's event.
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David Sell
September 03, 1955 Grand Island NE US National Sales Manager Married 1
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Karen Coale (Alexander)
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March 23, 1955 Council Bluffs USA Event Manager Single 2
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Rick Gross
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February 15, 1955 Morgantown WV US Psychologist Married 3
Sorry I won't be at the reunion- I am living back in Morgantown WV and am  a psychologist on the faculty in Behavioral Medicine at WVU.  Laura and I have 3 kids and 2 grandkids.  I am busy at work but beginning to think of what retirement might look like.  We have lived in a lot of places, Georgia, North Carolina and Nova Scotia and we are excited about where we might go next.  Rick
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Diane Bradley (Kriley)
March 04, 1955 COUNCIL BLUFFS IA United States Administrative Assistant III Single 2
I've enjoyed helping with planning the 45th class reunion.  It's been a lot of fun these past few months, and the time has gone by fast!  I've also seen several classmates in the 5 years between our 40th reunion and this one, and I've really enjoyed visiting and renewing our friendships during this time!   

I'm also looking forward to lots of visiting and catching up with the other classmates who come to our reunion!  Be sure to get your reservations in early so that you can have a good time too!  
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