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Mark Stevens
November 24, 1954 Scottsdale AZ Semi-retired Single
Comments to come....  maybe.
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John Smith San Diego CA US Married 4
Carol LAPHAM (Opal)
December 14, 1955 COUNCIL BLUFFS IA USA Administrative Asst Married 2
married for the second time, have 2 children, 2 step children and 12 grandchildren.  Work for the local freightliner company in the service department doing all accounting and all other paperwork.

My grandchildren range from 1 to 21 and the three 10 year olds (12 days apart) with two of them born the same day and are going into the fourth grade this fall and the 21 year old is out in the world working.  i was born and raised here and have never lived anywhere else.  

hope to see many of  you at the next reunion.
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Linda Mains (Crosson)
September 28, 1955 Council Bluffs IA US Retired/Disabled Single Again 1
It sure doesn't seem like it's been 40 years since high school. In many ways, I feel like that same 17-year-old skinny kid. I've had a variety of interesting jobs. I've lived a variety of interesting places. I've raised a smart, handsome, hardworking son. It's been a helluva great life to date!! Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Rollie Day
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June 22, 1955 Capitola CA I have one Married 2
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Jeffrey (L.) Anderson
April 08, 1955 Council Bluffs IA Police Officer Married 5
  Just to let you know that I didn't make it to the 35th reunion but I will be at the 40th.  I have gotten married to my beautiful wife Cathy since the last reunion and increased the family with 2 more girls and a boy on top of my other 2 girls and also have a grandson that was born last May.  Look forward to seeing everyone. Send Jeffrey  (L.) a MessageSend Jeffrey (L.) a Message
Lona Hurd (Wynne)
January 20, 1955 Council Bluffs IA US Management Technician Married 4
Hello everyone!  I have lived in Council Bluffs my whole life.  I have been married 26 years and have 4 girls, 18 grandkids, and 17 great grandkids.  Looking forward to retiring in 4 years from job at Offutt AFB.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at 40th reunion and thanks to the committee for a great job. Send Lona a MessageSend Lona a Message
Doug Jackson
November 26, 1954 Council Bluffs IA US Deputy Sheriff (Retired) Single
 I had a great "30 year" career as a deputy sheriff with the Pottawattamie County Sheriff Office. I retired in 2007 after a injury at work and now I stay busy restoring "old" motorcycles and traveling. Send Doug a MessageSend Doug a Message
Mayda Larsen (Hotchkiss)
July 25, 1955 Lewis IA USA Married 4
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Dale Johnston
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July 04, 1954 West Palm Beach FL US Pediatric Medicine Married 1
I cherish the many friends I made during my 2 months at AL.
Our family moved across the country 4 times in my senior year due to my fathers research studies but AL was the school I felt most at home if only for a short while in Jan, Feb 1973.

I plan on being back this fall for the 40th reunion. look forward to seeing all of you.

Go Lynx
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