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Cindy McCall (Fox)
December 16, 1954 Council Bluffs Iowa Correctional Officer Divorced 2
I hope to attend, but work this weekend, so will be a drive by, stop by.  I hope to see everyone
and enjoy stories of the last 35 years.  I have 3 grandchildren now and 1 to come in Janurary.
2 girls and it will be 2 boyz.  I have not remarried since 1984, retired from Qwest in 2007 and now work at Pott. County Jail as a Correctional officer.
Talke about changing jobs!!! I enjoy the outdoors, boating, and playing pool!!!! Hope to see you all!
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Claire Kirke (Hancox)
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Profile picture
December 28, 1954 Omaha Nebraska USA What ever I feel like doing Married 2
I have a wonderful life, I have a new grandson and he is my world. His name is Aiden Michael Dean Hancox.  He is such a happy baby. I can't wait til he is walking and talking.  Babys are so much fun. He is going to be so spoiled. Send Claire a MessageSend Claire a Message
Carol Kovatch (Denker)
January 07, 1955 Pacific Junction Iowa USA Co.Bluffs Police Dept. Evidence Room Married 1
Looking forward to "yaking" with some old friends! Send Carol a MessageSend Carol a Message
Rachel Hegland (Caparelli)
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August 26, 1955 San Diego Ca R.N.-labor and delivery Married 3
I won't been there for the reunion, but hope that it's a great success. 
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Kathy Henley (Hudspeth)
November 06, 1954 Council Bluffs IA USA Transportation Administrator, Searle Petroleum Married 2
It doesn't seem like it has been 35 years already!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone that made the class of '73 memorable and fun!  Thanks to the committee for getting us together.  Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Lynn Falkenhainer (Madsen)
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February 16, 1955 Council Bluffs Iowa Registered Nurse Married 2
Hi everyone! I have been an RN for over 30 years (Wow! The time goes fast!), and currently work in medical informatics at Alegent Health. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the reunion. Have a great time everone! Send Lynn a MessageSend Lynn a Message
Jeff Fogle
June 28, 1955 Elkhorn Ne USA Manager Automotive Services AAA Nebraska Divorced 2
I have retired from my own businesses in Colorado and now work for AAA Nebraska as a field representative...lots of area to travel and no one watching over my shoulder.! 2 beautiful daughters, 17 and 15.  Very proud of them both! Will be traveling to Macy's as they will perform in the Thanksgiving Day Parade this year!  Heartland Hoedowners.The reunion was a blast and a huge thanks to all who assisted in putting it together. Send Jeff a MessageSend Jeff a Message
Peggy French (Johnston)
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March 04, 1955 Treynor IA USA Legal Secretary Single Again 2
2008 has been a busy year for me.  My baby graduated from high school.  May was totally hectic.  He is off to college in the fall, but not far:  IWCC.   He WILL live in the dorms!  My oldest is getting married August 2.  At this point, only 25 days to go!  Wow!  I can't wait to be able to breathe again, yet its difficult for me to let go of him.  He's a 5th year senior at Dana.  He wants to play football one more season.  My almost daughter in-law and I think he should play for the  Beef or Blackhawks after graduation.  Send Peggy a MessageSend Peggy a Message
Terri Ebert (Heiser)
July 28, 1955 Restaurant Supervisor Married 2
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Donna eledge (Cartmill)
November 08, 1954 aurora colorado us retired Married 4
Hi! I can't belive we are that old, cause i know I don't feel it. Well I won't be able to make it this year, but will try for the 40th reunion. My husband (John) and I will be going to his mothers 80th B-day. We live in Colo. for the last 34 years. We have 4 kids, 6 grandkids, plus raising our first grandchild Ashley 14. I have worked as an O.R Tech,owned a cleaning business,owner of a Hair and nail salon in Cherry Creek, and now retired if you can call it that. I babysit for my children, right now I have Teagan 13 mo., and two more babies on the way, so I' m quite busy but love my little ones. Thanks to the committe for all their work. God Bless to all! Send Donna a MessageSend Donna a Message
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